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Postby Santress » Mon Sep 13, 2010 12:54 pm

Bill interviewed by Movieline at the Toronto Film Festival:

The Verge: Bill Skarsgård

BY S.T. VANAIRSDALE || 09 13 2010 10:00 AM

Look out: Here comes another Skarsgård. The fourth in the venerable Swedish acting clan to get into full-time acting after father Stellan and brothers Alexander and Gustaf (younger brother Valter may be right behind him), Bill Skarsgård arrived last week with his leading-man debut Behind Blue Skies, a ’70s-era coming-of-age tale about a Swedish teenager whose escape to a resort job yields first love, new responsibilities and — wait for it — his involvement in the biggest drug scandal in the nation’s history. Not a bad breakthrough for a kid who just few years ago used to think he’d wind up as a doctor. Movieline caught up with Skarsgård the day after the TIFF premiere of director Hannes Holm’s drama.

So is this your first festival attending with a film?
Er…[thinks] Yes. First festival abroad.

When did you get here?
Thursday? No, Wednesday. And then we’ve just been hanging out and had our first screening yesterday. So…

And it’s your first leading role, right? I mean, you’re carrying the film.
I had one big one before, but I guess this is, yeah.

And in the first scene you’re totally naked and receiving explicit fellatio! They’re just throwing you right into it, aren’t they?
Yeah. I know it’s boring to say, but it’s really technical. It’s not mine. It’s all fake, basically. The scene wasn’t that hard to do, actually. I had no problem with it. And it’s good that it’s there because it kind of shocks the audience, and they have no clue where the film is going to end up. It’s like, “What the hell is this?” It’s a good scene. It’s important.

How early did you realize you wanted to act?
I wanted to act ever since I was a kid, basically. I got my first film role when I was 9; I played a younger brother to my oldest brother Alexander. But then, because we’re four actors in the family — me, two of my brothers, and my father — as I grew up I thought, “I don’t want to be another actor in the family. But I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. So I chose a science program; in Sweden you can pick your high school program. It doesn’t mean anything unless you want to be a doctor or something, in which case you have to do the science program. So I went and did that. But then I got a role in Arn (The Knight Templar), and by the time I was 16 I understood what acting was all about it. When you’re 9 years old you just remember the lines. That’s all you do. You don’t think about the meaning of it or how you say it; you’re 9 years old! But when I was 16, I was sort of like, “So this is what acting’s about!”

So what was acting about?
Just making it true. Making it real. My father’s in Arn, and my brothers as well, and seeing how they question lines. “I don’t understand this or that…” All the stuff that’s logical and doesn’t add up. So it’s like, “Oh…” Because you know, I’ll see films and I say, “I don’t believe this.” Or, “Hey, OK, this is a bad script.” So it’s just about making it vivid, making it real, making it true. I think it’s a really cool thing to do. You’re creating a character. It’s amazing.

So you kind of are still interested in science! Did you ever consider the technical precision or the logic that the disciplines have in common?
You can say that. I wasn’t that into the science thing, actually. My mom is a doctor, and one of my older brothers is a doctor, and they were like, “Bill, it’s wise to choose this program if you don’t know what you want to do. If you want to be a doctor, it would be good to have this study.” But I didn’t like it at all. We have three years of high school in Sweden, and I realized, “I do not want to become a doctor; I do not want to become a scientist.” And that was good! I did learn from that experience: I’m 100 percent sure I want to do this.

You’d better be after this movie. How did it come to you?
I got called up for an audition. I went to it with the casting director, got called back and met with Hannes, then got called back again to meet with Hannes, then I one more… I think there were five or six in the end. After one they gave me the script — I wanted to know the story, and I completely fell in love with it. I think it’s a fantastic story. Te role is amazing; you couldn’t ask for a better role. I had to do it. I sort of convinced Hannes. He went to a film I was in where I had a smaller role — he was at the premiere — and I said, “OK, now he’s watching this film, judging me on-screen.” At the party afterward I confronted him and said, “I read your script and it was amazing. I want this chance to do this fantastic role.” He believed me!

Martin is a highly moral young man with many convictions, yet he commits — or submits — himself to a major criminal enterprise. Why?
I think it’s that age. When you’re 17, 18, you’re growing up and you’re so naïve. And Martin is a bright guy, but he’s naïve. It’s easy for him to get used like Gösta in the film. He just gets involved in this thing, and when he’s involved with it he realizes, “OK, maybe this isn’t so good after all.” You must understand, it’s not like nowadays. You get from school and the media and everything that drugs are really bad and what the consequences are. But in the ’70s, I don’t think they had that knowledge of what drugs are and what they can do.


Martin also seems to know he brings a sense of integrity to the operation that it didn’t have before he got there.
Yeah. That’s what Gösta thinks. He sees this loyal guy, and he works with the other two guys he can’t trust anymore. So he needs a hand, and Martin is a really bright guy. He’s a quick thinker, and I think Gösta sees that in him. And that’s why he says, “I need you to be with me; we need to do this together.” He needs someone like Martin, even if he doesn’t know at first why Gösta wants him. But it’s a coming-up story. You don’t know who you are at that age, or what you want to do, so you’re easily drawn in to these kinds of things. You could be a teenager going into Nazi gangs or whatever; you want an identity. So it’s a dangerous age in one sense.

The idea of the naivete, though… I mean, the notes explain, “Before Martin really understand what is going on, he finds himself in the middle of one of the greatest scandals in Swedish criminal history.” That said, he clearly begins anticipating two or three moves ahead.
Definitely. You understand that more and more. He’s understanding of what’s going on, and you see that in the end when he’s confronting the rich fellow — his father’s friend who helps him out. It’s like, “Oh, really? I know why you’re being nice to me.” I think that’s one of his strengths; he knew the situation before the audience did, really.

What do you think prompted Martin’s sudden candor at the birthday party? To just blurt out with equanimity, “Yeah, my dad’s a horrible drunk and my mother is codependent; it’s best they’re not here”?
He’s obviously coming from a destructive family, and as the child of an alcoholic he’s living this lie, you know? “My father sends his regards.” No, he doesn’t! You’re living this lie, and the people around you start to lie to you. “Oh, it would be great to meet your father” — even then knowing that your father is an alcoholic. Martin doesn’t want to hear that bullsh*t anymore, you know? “No, it wouldn’t be great. It would be terrible.”

The violence in Behind Blue Skies isn’t especially bloody or anything, but you subject yourself to a lot. How much were you prepared to take?
That’s funny. The scene with Kenta [who graphically, repeatedly slaps him]… the guy who plays him, Peter Engman, he’s really energetic. He works in theater, and he said beforehand, “I’ve done this for years. I’ve been knife fighting, stabbing at people within inches of the eyes… I know how precise I can be. You can trust me.” So when he’s hitting me — because he’s really hitting me, you know — I said, “OK! Let’s do this! We can do one or two takes, but let’s really do this. Don’t hold back; hit me.” He says, “It’s going to be fine, it’s going to be fine.” He has all these theatrical things, like hitting people with the fingertips so his doesn’t hurt as much… that kind of thing.

And the first thing that happens it getting hit — bang — right across the ear. So it’s like, “Riiinnnngggg…” My ear starts beeping. I’m like, “What the hell?” And then he does it again and again. My jaw was hurting; it was not precise. He hit really hard. I said, “Hey guys, I don’t know if I can do one more take.” My cheek was burning. But it was good that we did it that way, because I’m ready to offer something for this film. I’m ready to take a beating to make that scene feel realistic. And I think it did. It felt right.

Wow. Now that you’ve clearly recovered, what’s next for you?
I’ve been filming two other leads in Sweden this year, one that premiered last week and another one that’s going up in February. And I’m flying back to Lithuania to shoot another on Monday. After that, I don’t know, honestly.

Just no more science.
No more science. That’s for sure.

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Re: Interviews

Postby Anja » Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:53 pm

Tnx for interview!

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Re: Interviews

Postby sunnyparker » Sun Oct 03, 2010 10:27 am

Sorry for the crap Google translation. :tongue3:

Posted September 27, 2010
" It's actually a custom made löspenis "


Triple bioaktuelle Bill Skarsgård ( yep , the fourth of our greatest actor - clan ) speaking out about the talking at family dinners , make up pictures on Facebook and sex scenes in new The sky is innocent blue. Interview Oskar Hammar Krantz, previously published in the Café 9 / 2010.

* * * * *

Your full name reads Bill Istvan Guenther Skarsgård . The story behind the creative middle names ?
- Istvan is Hungarian and from the mother became pregnant in Hungary . Guenther 's mother's surname . Bill , I do nothing about .

How tired are you talking about your family , anyway?
- Very . But it 's better to sort it out at the start of their careers . And it has probably been more beneficial than detrimental , actually .

Have you thought about changing last name to " stand alone " ?
- Then I just had to come up with a cool name first. As Billy Powerz , haha . Nah , that's my family name as grandfather came in and I 'm proud of . And Sweden is too small , people know who you are anyway . So it would be just ridiculous .

Sitting , Gustav , Alexander and Stella and compare movie careers at home at Sunday dinner ?
- No, but we talk a lot about the job. Just like a carpenter who is talking with another maker of what it used to rule or nails , so of course we 're talking about what has been done on the job . And I can get tips and advice from other more experienced in the family .

You have major roles in several films to come. In the first , In space there is no emotion, You play a guy with Asperger's syndrome . Where did your inspiration for this role ?
- I read many books and watched documentaries , to see how some with Asperger's behavior . It probably had not given so much to meet people with the syndrome . Having Asperger 's so individual and varies from person to person .

Next , The sky is innocent blue , based on a true story about a drug tangle and the so -called Sandhamn League in the 70s . There jumpstart you to show your dick in the first scene . How was it ?
- It's actually a custom made löspenis that looks incredibly real like. So it was pretty quiet actually . I had underwear on me and the girl I played against were doing löspenisen . It's probably harder for moviegoers author to watch. It's very direct .

You will soon lead role in Simon and the oaks also . A classic book that is now filming for the first time .
- Yes , that's great . It's fun that it takes place on 30 - and 40's. I like clothes , with trench coats and hats . Lite Godfather- esteem .

But your track record holds still no Beck or Wallander films . When you show up there?
- Haha , no, but it will come . I have not been asked yet. We'll see , that's where the jobs are .

The inevitable follow-up question : If you aim at Hollywood ? And do you speak good enough English for a broad career there , or you will typecastas as a German villain ?
- I actually have pretty good pronunciation . When we were small we were much in the U.S. when my dad came into play. But there are 309 million Americans who speak better American English than I do . So Hollywood is something that happens when it happens , not something you can plan . It's a little more than the language to be done.

When doctors are at a party , they tend to be diagnosing people's ailments . What issues may be as an actor ?
- It is best if it is hard to kiss on film . And how to cry without being sad . But they wont at least not ask me to cry on demand . Thank goodness .

What do you do to relax ?
- I like to fish . But there must be a lot of fish . I do not like just sitting there, you have to get something too. So that you can cook it . And I like the fight . It must not be too quiet .

Give me your best fish recipes !
- It 's super easy . Fresh , fresh perch , fried in butter with salt in a blow sandwich .

How does it feel to be Hammarby now that you harrows in the Premier League ?
- Yes , it's been a tough year . Superettan 's sad . But I do not go on much longer matches . It becomes more Champions League on television.

How tall are you ?
- 1.91 . But Sam , my youngest brother is 1.98 . Dad is 1.93 . Grandma is 1.80 . It is unusual for such a long old lady . So
that's where the length of the genes come from .

You could start a family basketball team .
- Yes , and all my friends have played basketball . But I 've always thought it was too late to be really good . Ever since I was ten . Since the second out in one year longer than me.

How do you see your career ? There is not much to teenage rebellion to become an actor , just like dad and several brothers .
- No, not particularly . When Gustav and Alex broke through I thought that I should be very different , just to not be the same . But I did not know what. I took science in high school . But there was no direct revolt . It was more my brother Sam , who was studying to be doctors, who thought that I should get a broader education .

On your Facebook page are pictures where you drink beer , i posted early 2008 - when then was still only 17 years. Who bought out for you ?
- What, you can see my pictures ? God, I thought I was printed in all privacy settings are available. I have to change immediately . I have even put that one must have a common Facebookvän to adda me .

By the way , your brother, Alexander told the café for a few years ago that your dad got to pick him up in a detox cell in Solna, when he was a teenager . Do you have something like that on your conscience ?
- No, Dad has not had to pick me up . And I have never been DELIVERED by the police . It 's not that I'm more well-behaved , absolutely not . I have done the same crap as everyone else , but simply not been caught , haha .

* * * * *


Name : Bill Istvan Guenther Skarsgård .

Born : On 9 August 1990.

Family : Dad Stella , My mother , siblings Alexander , Gustav , Sam , Eija and Valter .

Career : Film debut as a ten- year old in the iron gang . Games in the two Arnfilmerna Knight and The Kingdom at Road end . Had a role as nerd Pontus in Kenny Begins .

Current : Has starred in three films in the future : In space , there are no emotions ( September ) , Hannes Holm's Heaven is innocent blue ( goes up in October ) , and Simon and the oaks ( which goes up in February 2011) . ... -lospenis/
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Re: Interviews

Postby Anja » Sun Oct 03, 2010 2:36 pm

Tnx Sunny!

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Re: Interviews

Postby cldamp » Sun Oct 03, 2010 2:47 pm

I have to do this since Google Translate made Stellan Stella



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Re: Interviews

Postby explodinglint » Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:18 pm

Swedish Film Magazine had an interview with Bill:
This autumn will see both Behind Blue Skies and Simple Simon
open in Swedish cinemas, and by the end of the year everyone
will be convinced that Bill Skarsgård is an actor in his own
right – rather than just another member of the Skarsgård clan
under father Stellan.

The large 1970s house on Stockholm’s Lidingö
island has an indoor pool – the venue for
many a student party over the years, and peo-
ple still remember them today. Apart from the large
windows around the pool, the room is decorated
with wallpaper very much of its era with a yellow,
brown and white pattern of circles, and to one side
of the pool is a billiard table next to a teak bar with
copper panelling and black leather. In Hannes
Holm’s Behind Blue Skies (Himlen är oskyldigt blå),
Bill Skarsgård lies on an inflatable mattress in the
pool throwing a rugby ball back and forth to a friend,
and now we’re back in the house as the snow melts
outside the window.

You can find the rest of the interview here:
Pdf #2 on the right-hand side.
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Re: Interviews

Postby Nordanswede » Fri Jan 06, 2012 9:22 am

Fröken posted this interview on Twitter and I`ll repost it here. I haven`t translated it (yet) but there are great clips of the movies Bill has made, mentions of his upcoming Anna Karenina, clips from Battleship with Alexander Skarsgård and also mentions of who has inspired Bill (Tom Hardy, Ryon Gosling and other youngish actors).

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Re: Interviews

Postby fröken » Wed May 09, 2012 4:25 pm

There's an interesting interview with him here (in English too!):

He also talks a little about how hard it's been for Alex living in LA trying to get jobs. Man, it sounds like it's been hard :crying: No wonder he keeps takin so many roles now where they're be offered to him..

“It’s like playing the lottery. You just have to hope the right numbers come up. They might think you’re too tall, or that your nose is too
small. They’re picky and they can afford to be, because they have so
many actors to choose from. You have to be exactly what they’re looking for. Alexander was there for six or seven years before he landed
any job at all. He was very close a few times, and that must have been
pretty soul-destroying. But being close is probably what gives you
the will to keep going. You know that it’s just a question of time.”

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Re: Interviews

Postby Nordanswede » Sat May 12, 2012 5:39 pm

That`s a great interview, Fröken. Thank you. Lovely to see that Alex` family acknowledges how hard it`s been for him and that Bill doesn`t take success for granted

Cattle die, kinsmen die, all men are mortal.
Words of praise, will never perish, nor a noble name.
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