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Bill Interviewed by (Published July 13, 2014)

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Bill Interviewed by (Published July 13, 2014)

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The blood tasted mint and color

The horror series "Hemlock Grove drew more viewers in its first weekend than " House of Cards." Now comes the second season. The Swede Bill Skarsgård plays the role of the wealthy Roman Godfrey, a young vampire who is struggling with bizarre family secrets.

SVD: How did you end up in an American horror series?

Bill Skarsgård: I went to the USA in early 2012, to take three months, with auditions and meetings. I read a lot of scripts but most made for television is so uninteresting and silly and superficial. But then I got the script for "Hemlock Grove" and it was quite unique in its storytelling. That it was the horror genre really spoke against the series - I did not even read it at first. But once I did, I started to hunt down a role in the series.

SVD: Is there anything special that you remember from filming in Toronto?

Bill: It was extremely cold. We started to shoot on October 1st last year and ended in February this year and filmed outdoors in minus 25 degrees. It was the coldest I have ever experienced in my entire life.

SVD: Would it be winter in the series?

Bill: Yes, thank goodness. I had a cute costumer that gave me a tank top that she had sewn pockets on which I could use as hand warmers - it looked like a bomb vest. The team could wear clothes suited for the cold. But we actors would have our role suits, no long jacket with a scarf and low men's shoes. It was horrible.

SVD: Season 2 seems to be much bloodier than the last.

Bill: Yes, especially for my character Roman who has started drinking human blood.

SVD: What did you use for fake blood?

Bill: The blood that I had in my mouth before a shooting tasted a bit minty, but it was not good, color husband took over. When there was a demand for greater amounts of blood, they hid a hose on me that went up along my body. It was attached to a large air printer and a barrel with four-five liters of fake blood. When they put it on, it is like taking a tap and injecting it straight into your mouth at full strength, it splatters everywhere. The blood is dangerous to drink - or it tastes toxic anyway.

SVD: How did you develop your American accent?

Bill: I have worked a lot on the emphasis. However, I think that it came a little more routine than for Alex and Gustaf (his brothers have also done roles in Hollywood, editor's note). Alex had to work to get to his accent, he had to fight it out. I think it was easier for me.

The second season of "Hemlock Grove" premiered on Netflix last Friday.


(Source: + Some clean-up/interpretation/cross-translation comparison by me) ... 727700.svd
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