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Postby Werle » Thu Sep 22, 2011 6:42 pm

hehe, I see what your saying. My other half got really annoyed with that too. I just don't care. I mean I had my fits over it, but I just don't care about anything else than Eric.

It's like reading the man in the iron mask. You have like 1000 pages, around 500 including the Musketeers, the others only the king. who whats the king? no one, boring, but you have to read them too. So you just do it. You could miss an important scene with Athos. And there would be nothing more annoying than reading that book, only because of Athos, and then missing one part of it. He has like 150 Pages appearance. Hell, including his son, who the book was originally named after....

life is hard.

My cat wants me to go to bed, she is tired. So good night.
The Alex appearances are worth it. And getting annoyed about True Blood Sookie, its natural. You can't avoid it.
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