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Daily Beast: True Blood's Return

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Daily Beast: True Blood's Return

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I'm just snipping out the Eric bits here. They cover the rest of the characters in the article as well.

Eric Northman

Where we left off: Eric tricked Sookie into drinking his blood in Dallas and was revealed to be working the vampire blood-trade for Queen Sophie-Anne (Evan Rachel Wood).

Where we find him: Back at Fangtasia with Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten), but he’s also still intoxicated by Sookie—as well as an element of his past. “The connection with Sookie is obviously strong and we’ll definitely see more of that,” said Skarsgård. “Something very important happened a thousand years ago, and it’s something that Eric has carried in his heart for a thousand years. Now, suddenly, he gets an opportunity to let go of that.”

Does it have anything to do with Eric’s dead maker Godric (Allan Hyde)? “You’re going to see Godric,” said Skarsgård. “They were a tag team for almost a millennia.” Can Ball tell us any more? “We will see Godric twice,” said Ball. “Flashbacks are certainly one way we can see him but who knows what can happen.”'

And while viewers have learned a bit about Skarsgård’s breakout character, Eric, the show will delve even deeper into his past as well.

“Season 3, for Eric, is about vengeance,” said Skarsgård on the set, between bites of an apple, underneath a tree in the near-pitch darkness of the woods. “The audience will find out that something happened a thousand years ago when Eric was still a human and he lost someone. He gets presented with an opportunity to avenge that person early on in the season.”

“[His humanity] is something that Eric always tries to suppress and fight and hold back,” he said. “After Godric died [in Season 2], which was the greatest loss of his life, Eric once again just suppressed it... Sometimes you see a softer side, but he always pulls it back. He hates it when he shows weakness.”


While the cast and crew were loath to reveal just how the werewolves come into play, it’s clear that they’ll have a major role within the context of Season 3—and these creatures have crossed paths with Skarsgård’s Eric in the past. (“Eric despises them,” said Skarsgård. “They’re primitive and stupid and not very interesting to him.”)
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