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Gustaf in Café Magazine (July 2014)

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Gustaf in Café Magazine (July 2014)

Postby Santress » Fri Jun 13, 2014 8:46 am


A new interview with Gustaf appears in the July 2014 issue of Café Magazine available in stores June 17, 2014.

It's a very interesting read but unfortunately the Swedish-to-English Google translation is quite choppy.

Gustaf discusses acting, Vikings, being part of a famous acting family, losing his hair, being praised by Daniel-Day Lewis (who described him as "one of the truly great") and how he came to respect Alex as an actor (and, yes, he's "jealous" that Alex landed Tarzan :-P).

He also extensively discusses his addiction to alcohol and what he's doing to remain sober.


Gustaf Skarsgård: "I started smoking when I was 10, drinking at 12, smoking weed at 16, taking cocaine and ecstasy at 19 ..."

The actor Gustaf Skarsgård seldom gives interviews - instead he focuses on his unforgettable roles. But for Café's Emil Persson, he talks about his upbringing in one of Sweden's most famous families, praise by his idol Daniel Day-Lewis, losing his hair, how he used to dismiss his brother Alexander as a bimbo, the drinking, the drugs and how the love of acting became his salvation.


Gustaf Skarsgård barely has time to sit down until the waiter arrives and sprinklers charcuterie, olives and freshly baked ciabatta over the table.

When the waiter snaps up two bottles of Peroni says he does from. No alcohol in the evening.

- I feel so much better of it. Have not had a drink in three months.

Gustaf recently returned from Ireland and the filming of the Vikings, a co-production between the History Channel and HBO shown on TV4 in Sweden. The first season has been excellent in the U.S. and the premiere episode drew six million viewers. All outdoor scenes are shot in scenic Wicklow a few miles outside Dublin. The rest is filmed at the Ashford Studio, which is the country's largest with its 3, 000 square meters and is also located in the area.

What was it like in Ireland?

- Well, it's Dublin, as well. You work hard during the week, partying hard on the weekends.

Is that where you stopped drinking?

- No, that was where I drank.

He devours a piece of truffle salami with a medieval appetite intact. In two days Gustaf Skarsgård will travel on to Los Angeles. Have meetings, going to auditions, make contacts. He waited far longer than many other Swedish actors to go over and chase the dream, but now he, too, eventually their bet against the world's largest film market.

- Everything is just politics there. I do not know how many parts I missed because I did not have enough name value. Roles gone to someone Gregory Johnson never heard of but who made a television series in Omaha as seen by four million people. Although the producers have preferred to have me.

Sounds frustrating.

- The way the world is there. Some are better at thinking career-wise, but I do not want that attitude to my profession. For me, acting is not a means to an end. It does not purport to reach anywhere. I always want to get further their careers, but it's not about making millions of dollars or to do those magazine covers. And they might as well not even imagine it there. They clap a head: "Well, you're doing great and giant political and giant genuine - but now take a look at this script for this, you can make money."

Are you affected by it?

- In the beginning I was confused and thought I also might have just been looking for money and pussy. But life is not a rope ladder, it is not about to climb to the top. The city is so fixated on it. People are always curious about how jealous I am of Alex and all that. I'm not jealous of his money. But now that he'll play Tarzan makes me jealous that he gets to do a so asfet, physical role, it makes me jealous.

Gustaf orders a spaghetti vongole and a non-alcoholic beer.

- The first time I was over, the test I filmed was a bunch of crap, I still would never do. So casting would get to know me. But for me it's all deadly serious so I really tried to do my best with cheap materials - and still did not get cast! There was some kind of triple humiliation. At a quarter to five-ragget, as well. "Okay, fuck it, I'm running on that girl" - and so snobs, she also.

Are you a bit ambivalent about Los Angeles?

- Not a bit. I'd love to work there. I also want to win an Oscar. However, there must be more on my terms, otherwise I'm probably happier at home.

According to your approach, your father Stellan has had a pretty optimal career. High status, mostly good roles, long career.

- He is my idol in so many ways. It's nice to be able to say it now that I have broken away and become my own. Not in everyone's eyes, for it is I apparently never, but at least in my own. Me and my dad are best friends. I am so incredibly fucking proud of him.

He has a funny quote about his involvement in the turkey Deep Blue Sea : "It's not so fucking stupid to become shark drinker." A popcorn movie can benefit their career, that is. How much shark are you willing to be to get more name value?

- It is not so for me, if we're talking sell-out in general. My quality is that I'm a good actor. That's all I can in this whole fucking world - but I can.

Full transparency: I am really a little afraid to even mention someone in your family.

- I can dig it. It can be so different from day to day. It is always better if I can deal with it yourself, because it's still part of my life.

Have you thought it strange that you all became actors?

- Yes, I have thought. From the beginning, would not Alex be an actor, which was damn good. Then he came too and it was so clear annoying. But I am not brought up in any acting family, it is easy to forget. I grew up with a dad who was an actor. That's it. For the little ones, I think it was a more obvious alternative.

Quite a few would probably assert that you are the best actor of the brothers.

- That is very interesting. In a way, I know: "Do not talk shit about my family!" But while it's flattering. Just: "Damn, nice. So I think, too. "

He laughs.

- Want me to brag a little now?

Please do.

- Daniel Day-Lewis is god for me. I received an email from Dad who ran into Jim Sheridan, the director of In the Name of the Father, who apparently said: "I think your son is an absolutely fantastic actor. I saw him in the Vikings after Daniel Day-Lewis tipped me off about it. He described Gustaf as one of the truly great. " Shit, Daniel Day-Lewis watches the Vikings ? ", I felt. I went about a week and thought about how fat it was.

How has it really been growing up with an older brother, Alex, who is constantly elected the country's sexiest man?

- As a 17-year-old and a pretentious acting school applicant, it was very easy to dismiss Alex as a superficial bimbo whore. And I did for many years. It took a very long time before he was able to win my respect as an actor. When I started making films, I did not make the Weekly-Review. I did not want to be "Babe of the Week" and get very teased by my friends when I'm without my knowledge were appointed to it. However, I feel that I would like it now . I can feel: "Damn, it might be a challenge for me to make the hunk list." With a good PT. And a good fucking toupee.

There are definitely unhealthy female beauty ideals. There are also unhealthy male beauty ideals. Get talking points may be so taboo that male thinning hair. Around 95 percent of all men lose their hair in their lifetime - and yet we see a huge over-representation of keratinsprakande kalufser in movies and commercials. To a sparse-haired man would be involved in, say, being pushed in a Dressman Campaign feels unthinkable.

- Losing hair is a deep tragedy in every young man's life, says Gustaf. First, this dawning feeling that it might happen. You start to become obsessed with other people's hairlines. It then goes so far as to start to feel others' eyes go up. And one only: "Do not stand there watching me in the hairline, motherfucker."

It usually supposed that you can not just lose your hair, but also self-confidence.

- Yes. When you have that anguish, there is nothing worse than when someone is going to take a hat. I banged both my little brother and my little sister at the pub for taking off my hat in front of people. There was so much shame and anxiety in that. Today, I enjoy the shaved - but thinks the same time that I look better in hair.

Everyone would choose hair.

- Like, everyone would choose hair. But what has been my biggest anxiety is just how it affects my job. I usually say to Alex, Bill and Joel (Kinnaman): "Shall we race? Going bald - then we can compete! Then we can compete career! "It gives a completely different resistance not to be a salable pretty boy. I have to be ten times better. Therefore, I am damn glad I did right from the start la increasingly focused on being good - not to become famous or good-looking.

Gustaf Skarsgård's apartment is in the same house in Stockholm as the restaurant where we meet. He has grown up in it, today he owns it himself. Stellan'll also remain in the same block.

- I have run in these shanties and alleys since I was little. This is my base, my root. I think it's crap nice to come back here because I bustle about so much.

Since you now choose not to drink should I still ask if you felt that you had a problem with alcohol?

Gustaf silent short.

- Like this: every time I get drunk, I go all the way. I lose control and puts me in what is offered. That kind of loss of control is one of the strongest symptoms of that is developing an addiction.

He takes a sip non-alcoholic beer.

- I started smoking when I was 10, drinking when I was 12, smoking weed when I was 16 and taking cocaine and ecstasy when I was 19., I have been partying ever since. I never catching up with you properly because there is one thing that is so incredibly important to me: my acting. And I've never compromised.

Have you gone through particularly uninspiring periods?

- I had a period when I worked at the Royal Dramatic Theatre and partied four to five days a week. Ended up at the after-party at five in the morning with people I barely knew at all, just because it would knarkas. Typical bloody slentriandestruktivitet.

2011 came Gustaf's mother My Skarsgård as recovering alcoholic. She suffered from cervical cancer in 1998 and subsequent years, she used vodka to allay fear and anxiety. Now, My has been sober since 2007 and holds preventive courses for people at risk.

Gustaf Skarsgård took one of her classes three years ago, just before he recorded the Norwegian Oscar-nominated Kon-Tiki. During the shooting, he was completely sober for three months. Alive in healthy, trained, meditated.

Since then, Gustaf been off or on. Partied pretty hard - or not at all. In 2012, he was pure white for a total of seven of the twelve months.

- Then I started with the Vikings and partied there on weekends. Tangled me into destructive patterns. When I got home this time, I felt: "No, now the fan be enough." I took my mama's course again and realized that I had developed an addiction. The one associates with alcoholism - drinking alone, restorer, park benches - are prejudices that become a reality only when the symptoms gone incredibly well. It starts so damn much earlier than that. The problem is that it's difficult to motivate yourself to quit before the symptoms started to have a major impact on life.

Therefore, it is of course very highly of you to be so proactive. Many are obviously not.

- I'm such an extreme person. All in or nothing. If I drink it because I'll be gone and go off. I'm not one to drink four glasses of wine and just, "What a nice evening." I have no interest. I can have a cozy night without those four glasses of wine.

Where did you find the motivation to quit?

- I want to be my very best, both as a person and actor. I have noticed that I'm best when I'm feeling really good - and second best when I feel really bad. And it's always easier to make sure you feel really bad. So that's what I think the artistic depravity is: a shortcut to their next best.

You have of course talked to My about this?

- She knows I'm sober. They know - everyone around me. I've seen alcoholism up close and it is not pretty. I was 18 when she got cancer, which then triggered alcoholism, and had to take a lot of responsibility for my younger siblings. I do not want to become the person I saw my mother become then. But she's a svingrym person now.

Are you talking about alcoholism in the family? Probably you are the more people who carry the gene - and you move almost all of us in the entertainment realm.

- Absolutely, there is no spitting in the glass. Of course I'm talking and thinking. But everyone has their journey. My uncle had underground club in this house and still lives in the apartment above me. I grew up in an environment where the party and weedrökandet and booze were a natural part of life. When I was a teenager and would try to make some sort of rebellion and smoke a little weed, it was my dad who taught me how to roll. It was impossible. When, however, I confirmed me took it off! It was my way of rebelling.

Gustaf laughs and puts down his cutlery.

- But I still go out. I was out last night. Come home at three o'clock. Danced sober. It must be learned. I am a social creature and still like to hang with people.

Do you have any long-term plan for your abstinence?

- For further anyway. I have no intention of beginning again. Would not it be nice if I could drink those three glasses of good red wine with your meal sometime. But I do not think I could keep it at that level. And I do not feel that it is worth taking the risk when I feel so much better without it. It really is night and day.

Emil Persson

This is a shortened version of the interview with Gustaf Skarsgård, which you can read in full at the Café's July numbers - in stores on June 17 and available for iPad now. Search the "Magazine Cafe" in the App Store on your iPad. ... cy-vid-19/

+ Google Translation & some clean-up by me.
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