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New interview with Valter. Pretty brief but he talks about his family, acting and his new movie, IRL.

Unfortunately, very dodgy Google translation:

The debut in the fall of Valter Skarsgård

The Swedish film autumn full of children and adolescents.
One of the most well-known debutant is Valter Skarsgård, who now follows the family tradition.



Photo: Leif R Jansson / Scanpix

Shortcomings and problems with the Swedish children's film taken at intervals up to debate. But right in the fall is a great chance to see, hopefully, good Swedish children and youth. It was revealed on Monday when the Swedish film autumn presented at the Swedish Film Institute in Stockholm.

In the "IRL" is the life of the network at least as real as the meat world. Starring Valter Skarsgård, Stellan's son and Alexander, Gustaf and Bill's brother. He will soon turn 18 and plays the trouble filled Elias.

- Elias has no friends at school and is quite lonely. But online, when he plays video games, he can take place and be himself. I've played a lot of myself so I can relate to. But luckily, I've never been in the same situation as him, there were many hard and difficult scenes that it took mentally to record.

Raised on movie sets Valter Skarsgård feels at home in front of the camera. But it has not always been an obvious career.

- Well, when I was a kid I looked up to my brothers and sisters, so that as you do when you are tiny. But I was very different, all the others listened to hip hop and I listened to hard rock and metal, and had long black hair. I went my own way and have the others just think is good. But when I got this role, I really thought "I want to do this." Being on a film set is such a great feeling.


Valter Skarsgård and Happy Jankell in upcoming youth film "IRL".
Picture: Alexandra Aristarhova Photographer

That is the Valter bits. The full article is here: ... -skarsgard
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