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The Nerd in the Skarsgård Clan Carries His First LeadingRole

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The Nerd in the Skarsgård Clan Carries His First LeadingRole

Postby Santress » Tue Aug 20, 2013 3:26 pm

The Nerd in the Skarsgård Clan Carries His First Leading Role
Published: August 20, 2013 at. 12:00

MovieZine's Rebecca Unnerud talks social media and favorite movies with the talented teenager Valter Skarsgård.
Valter Skarsgård is the latest in a line of Skarsgårds who is entering the world of film. He has appeared on film since childhood (his debut was in the short film "To Kill a Child"(Att döda ett barn) in 2003 and the feature film "Details" (Detaljer) in the same year) and among other things has been in the "Arn" films, but it is in the fall, with the lead role in "IRL" that he faces his big break.

"IRL" (In Real Life) is based on the Belgian book "Nothing Was All He Said" by Nic Balthazar. The novel has also become theatrical musicals and a film in the form of the box office hit "Ben X". Valter plays troubled Elias who is bullied and can not escape his tormentors who are at school, on the subway and on the web. He flees into The Secret World, an online game, where he meets Sc4rlet (Happy Jankell), a talented and beautiful girl soldier. The film is a cross-border adventure of evil among teenagers in the world of social media.

You are part of the 90's baby-boom and Internet generation. What do you think about social media?

I use both it and online games a lot. I game and usually look like a nerd. I am often inside Facebook and Instagram, where I'm very active, much of one's social life ends up in the social media. It is very positive because you can have contact with people in a totally different way than you could before. But the disadvantages (which are clearly set forth in the film) are that it can be exposed in a different way on the internet. It is easier for people to be mean on the Internet than in real life because they can remain anonymous and hide behind a screen. It does not feel as real when it is not possible to see that the person is suffering.

How would you describe your character? Are there any similarities between you two?

I would describe him as an insecure guy when he is in reality, but very confident when he is in the game. I think that's why he's playing so much, for him, reality is not real but something he must endure until he comes into his reality as are the games where he can be himself, to take place and live his life. It's very important for him to play for otherwise he would not have done it.

When did you decide to become an actor?

I have always been interested and wanted to do film but it was only when I got the role of Elias (1 1/2 years ago) that I decided.

What do you have in the pipeline for future roles?

Nothing official. I just did a German Viking movie in Denmark (playing the son to figure Sigrun's starring role in "The Viking women", a two-part German docudrama) but now I'm between projects and will start school again.

Which fall Swedish films are you most looking forward to?

There were many cool movies that caught my interest, but above all "Snabba Cash: Livet Deluxe", I feel the very many who are in there. Though I have not seen the runner-up (laughs).

What are your favorite movies?

The "Star Wars" trilogies and "Lord of the Rings" and "Batman." I like sci / fi and fantasy simply. I also like old classics like "The Godfather" and "One Flew Over" but the other movies I've grown up with and they are a part of my geek personality, Valter says with a proud smile.

Erik Leijonborg's "IRL" premieres October 25. ... witterfeed
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