Vem är rädd för Virginia Woolf?

Sthig Jonasson

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Scene: Södra Theater Piece: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Author: Edward Albee Translation: Gabriella Berggren and Magnus Nrdén) Director: Ulla Gottlieb Set Design and Costume: Åse Liebrath Actors: Suzanne Reuter, Krister Henriksson, Cecilia Frode, Alexander Skarsgård. Susanne Reuter most seen on the father-and revue scenes for several years, returns in style to serious drama as Martha in Edward Albee's play "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" Albee's play about a night of socializing between a middle-aged academic couple, Martha and George, and a younger couple, Nick and Honey, who are newcomers to the university. Martha is the dictatorial University Dean's daughter and George are "only" associate professor at the Department of History. The young couple are Nick biologist with the housewife.
During a very wet afterparty opened all dams and all the social barriers eliminated. Here is fired aggressive bitter truths and the size brutal games in which Martha and George are playing all their marital quarrels and digs. Nick and Honey are both spectators and fellow players in the older couple's show in which six and tricky roles mixed with alcohol, lots of spirit. Actually, this is a common, severe seen through a lie. In addition, cheat, George and Martha in the game against Nick and Honey. It becomes a game where both marriages have their structure through the loss of their children - whether it is not able or do not like.
The play takes place in George and Martha's house, which is also something of a boxing arena. You will notice that there are many, many more bottles than the books in this academic living room. Edward Albee's play came in 1962 and the years have gone a little bad about it. The tone of brutality and six that were shocking in the 1960s shocks have today.
"Who's Afraid ..." is a traditional set where Suzanne Reuter and Krister Henriksson play the middle-aged couple whose marriage has reached the end of the road. It is hopelessly end after tonight. That is what makes this evening more tragic than many other quarrels and party nights.
Reuter and Henriksson has both a unique timing and the fire poison darts and irony with evident satisfaction.
Suzanne Reuter has a superb ability to provide replicas exactly nuanced. Her sylvassa sarcasm is more focused on the stylish and funny nasty ties than the black level of the show.
George is a sad and scruffy losers. His defense against Marthas Permanent viciousness and needle stick is a dry bitterness and skillfully tour irony. Krister Henriksson, through its most relaxed style of total control over his role and the Georges self-contempt.
Alexander Skarsgård is successful as the square and right INANITY biologist to be academic achievement and Cecilia Frode as his smalhöftade little stupid wife who vomit too often and who is terrified of being knocked up. Frode makes comedy of Honeywell, which can withstand unusually large amounts of brandy at night bend - before she was tired of everybody and go to sleep at toagolvet.
The first act is a terrible and terribly funny. The crowd cheering for the fast replies truffled with filth and degradation. In the second act becomes increasingly darker tone, but when everything is tightened to work there as well. The game between the four is not sufficiently dense and intense, although Reuter pull itself together when gravity and light of dawn becomes too intrusive.
The interaction has apparently fine-tuned since the premiere, and "Who's Afraid ..." is now a sometimes very good idea of the four actors who seem to enjoy what they do. Sthig Jonasson