War of Words

September 20,2002

Susanna Hellberg

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Södran falls on a new and an old broken marriage.

"I'll just shelling out Martha, so we are done." "You fucking cunt ... I'll kill you - murderers, murderers".

Edward Albee's timeless relationship drama "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" gives a deep-drilling and revealing insight into a bourgeois family, where fireworks task of kicks and spectacular quarrel after another.
The humiliating marital quarrels taking place in any small hours at the home of university lecturer, George (Krister Henriksson) and his wife Martha (Suzanne Reuter).
After Saturday's traditional, semi-dull party at the home of the headmaster is the young, newly arrived researcher Nick (Alexander Skarsgård) and his fragile wife Honey (Cecilia Frode) invited to George and Martha in a nightcap.
What young people do not know is that they will become embroiled in a gruesome game.
- Honey and Nick are happy and proud to be invited. And no thank you no when Dean's daughter would buy you a drink after. But when the two pairs will face one billion conflicts to the surface.
- There will be a bloody circus, "says Alexander Skarsgård.

Nick is talented. He looks good and he has full confidence. But he is a real eager beaver, who has been a rapid and brilliant career in sight. George, however recognize that he is becoming a right bitter old man.
- George sees how quickly our relationship is built - or rather, not constructed. Martha is about themselves and about themselves, and are keen that the party should be enjoyable. But soon accelerates dialogues and degenerates into an orgy of cynicism, "says Cecilia Frode.
Meanwhile, George and Martha dependence of Honey and Nick, the audience for their cruel games. Games and play will replace the genuine communication.
During late night hours, escalating conflicts.
- It becomes a kind of domino effect, where one gives the other. Martha knows how she will do for this to occur misconceptions - and then deliberately pick a quarrel, "said Alexander Skarsgård.
- Nick and Honey are clueless when they come to the party. They see through slowly but surely George and Martha's games, a disgusting game with the man most intimate with, and love. No way, not men, some may behave that way, but definitely not me, stress Cecilia Frode.

How is Honey and Nick at the home of George and Martha?
- Right as well. Drawbacks. Bad. Bad. Good. Bad. Good, "says Cecilia Frode.

And Nick would of course like to be in focus?
- Of course. Nick would like them to be more interested in him, and he would like to talk about his boxing success in Kansas, "said Alexander Skarsgård.

Can we laugh at something in the show?
- Yes, but the laughter dies. Putting it in the neck, but that of course depends on what taste you have ... says Cecilia Frode.

Why should I see this show?
- It's never fun to play in front of an empty salon, "says Alexander Skarsgård.