"It's fun to go from one extreme to another"

August 25, 2003

Monica Frime


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Feature young women in the audience apparently was remarkably high during the spring performances at the Southern Theater in Stockholm. Perhaps the same occurs in the autumn at the City Theater of Göteborg. The actor Alexander Skarsgård, who twice elected to Sweden's sexiest man, change the scene and shape.

Alexander Skarsgård
Occupation: Actor
Celebrating: 27 years August 25
Family: Dad Stellan, My mother, five siblings, girlfriend
Lives: In Stockholm - currently in Gothenburg
News: premiere at the Gothenburg City Theater Great scene September 5

He was the middle of the acclaimed stage debut in "Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf" in the spring when he was contacted for possible participation in Frederico Garcia Lorca classic Spanish drama "Blood Wedding". Alexander Skarsgård enthusiasm, however, was at first quite moderate:
- I knew who Lorca was, and so - not much more. But I went anyway down here to Gothenburg to meet with the Spanish director Emilio Hernandez, who is here on the guest. And after that meeting, I knew that a real challenge to this, I just want to miss," says Alexander Skarsgård emphatically and continues:
- First, I have done so much earlier film but not as much drama. The one hand, to make a completely different character in a completely different piece. University guy Nick that I played in "Virginia Woolf" is a reserved and controlled person. That for him to make Leonardo in "Blood Wedding", a type that is a total wild and very physical, very cool.

It has certainly been a lot of movies. Almost twenty after the onset of Kalle Tacks in "Åke and his world" when he was eight years. The big breakthrough came, however, five years later with the movie "The dog that log." The 13-year-old principal owner was named "the film bargain" and worshiped by all the kingdom småflickor. A fact not at all appreciated by the worshiped who felt uncomfortable with the imposing of celebrity owners and began to doubt themselves and their own ability.
The outcome was a grinding halt in the promising film career. The admission, however, again, when self-confidence and motivation to act returned, with age and maturity. This was Alexander Skarsgård proved with the honor of including the films "Happy End", "Wings of Glass", "Drake of Helsinki", "dog trick" and especially "Zoolander" - Made in Hollywood, indeed.
- Fast if you blink, there is a risk to miss my little role, "he laughs.

Non THEREFORE - there is no disadvantage just named Skarsgård in the chosen profession. But he would have no special demands on themselves to live up to the name, however, firmly denied by the oldest of Stellan Skarsgård both acting sons.
- Those that I have had the privilege to work with have understood that we are different individuals and not compared us in any way. And I'm glad.
With scarce three weeks left until the premiere, the Alexander Skarsgård found no cause to regret that he nibbles on offer from Gothenburg.
- Absolutely not. It is still exciting and fun. I like also incredibly good in town and at the theater. It was actually a reason why I say yes. Göteborgs City Theater has received very good reputation in recent years and has done a lot of fine sets.

Alexander Skarsgård will be Gothenburger to Lucia. What happens then know he is not. There are a number of balls in the air. What or who is plump is written in the so-called stars. But:
- The dream is to continue to switch between film and theater. Vary as much as possible. Know that what you do right now is very different from what you made just before. As this directly after "Virginia Woolf" come down and meet a lot of new fun people and work with a completely different type of show. To go from one extreme to another is not only fun, it also provides inspiration and energy, "says Alexander.

Rehearsals for "Blood Wedding" started back in June. The limited time off in all cases have been in summer, predominantly tillbringats on the family farm situated in the archipelago where the big thing has been a new speedboat.
- It's been very nice with laziness and in the notes of the future 27-year-old cheerfully. Maybe there will be a sjötur now at the weekend when he gets back on a flying visit.
Most of the birthday, however, expect Alexander Skarsgård, however, to get to celebrate on the train back to Gothenburg and the attendant rehearsals.
- Any time I eat a little cake with mom in the morning. She tends to keep track of our birthdays.