Four Stars remember 2002

December 31, 2002

Tore S Börjesson

Translated by Nordanswede

In some hours 2002 is over.
Sissela Kyle has as usual been Swedens funniest woman and have been seen in "Parlamentet", "R.E.A.", "Pangbulle" and - yes, you can continue yourselves.
Michael Nyqvist and Alexander Skarsgård have with "Grabben i graven bredvid" and "Hundtricket" taken care of cinema goers and have dominated the theater.
Lena Philipsson has, with her popular show, concurred the bar audience and made success in Robert Wells "Rhapsody in rock".
Aftonbladet took the foursome out on the bar for a talk about the year that has passed and that took Sissela Kyle by surprise

...memories from 2002:
Sissela: This is a New Year interview. I got it all wrong.
Lena: What kind of interview did you think it was?
Sissela: I thought it was "Hi" and "How cool" and "I get to meet lovely people". Noe I have to rethink a little.
Micke: My dad died. That embossed my year. One has thought about death, missing. Suddenly I ended up in the fastgoing track. I realize that I called dad about stuff I didn`t even think about. Now I have to go to the bank and do these dad things. I can`t call you, Sissela.
Sissela: No, you can`t.
Micke: I have talket a lot with my children about what happened. Where he is and stuff. It was a new thing. Yes, and mum who got lonely.
Alexander: My dog died this year. Nelson. He was 12 years old. Dies of old age. He had been with me since I was like 13, a pretty long journey.
Sissela: It says in my diary that I was in Kalmar November 12. And then it says "The car", as if there possibly was something wrong with it.
Sissela: No, I can`t remember anything special happening, but the year is not over yet.
Micke: I went straight into the belly of Rod Stewart.
Sissela: His really small, how could you walk into his belly?
Micke: It`s an expression, something you say.
Sissela: It is?
Micke: It was in Italy. I was there filming and suddenly he was standing there, the little scottsman with his ridiculous hairdo. I had never met a star like that before, I mean, someone you have had records from since you were a kid. We were there and made a movie - "Detaljer" - in a really small town called Lucca. Lars Norén wrote the script.
Sissela: I have been there! It is so beautiful, we rented a house in the mountains outside of Lucca.
Micke: There was a music festival when I was there. I saw Oasis and Bowie.
Sissela: I don`t know if it has anything to do with this, but I`m related to Cat Stevens.
Alexander: Are you? He`s one of my favorites. He is halfswedish.
Sissela: His mother is Swedish, she is my mother`s cousin, that`s how Cat and I are related.
Alexander: Did you ever meet him?
Sissela: Yes, but it was when I was a kid. He came and said hello to us in Partille. At that time he wasn`t Cat Stevens yet (Cat Stevens Christian name is Steven Demetre Georgiou). He said hello with his family, his sister Anita was with him. Isn`t that lovely?
Micke: His huge!
Sissela: Yes, but then he stopped playing, converted to Islam and changed his name to Yusef Islam and today he runs a Muslim school near London. He doesn`t want any publicity. But my relatives have been there and greeted and I`m going to do that as well.
Lena: I have worked a lot, partly on my own show, partly with "Rhapsody" and now I`m touring with the show. I also go divorced.
Micke: You got divorced this year?
Lena: Yes, well, the process started earlier. There are a thousand things to say about it, but I don`t know how much I want to say. Of course it changes a lot, it`s a whole different kind of life I live now.

...cultural experiences 2002:
Lena: Alexander, I saw your production "Vem är rädd för Virginia Woolf" on Södra teatern here in Stockholm and I thought it was really good.
Sissela: So did I.
Micke: I thought it was so so, hehehe.
Alexander: "Vem är rädd för Virginia Woolf" has been central to my life this year. In principle I had never been on stage before. Ok, when I was in New York and studied I was in a smal play in a tiny theater, but here at home I had not been on a stage since Vår Teater. So it has been a journey, we had rehearsals since April, 53 shows, and we will continue in the new year. This is as close at the life as a rock star as I will ever get. Theater, as opposed to movies, means direct contact with the audience.
Sissela: "Lilja 4-ever" is the movie of the year. Terribly good. Shattering. And the terrifying the movie describes, none of it would exist if there weren`t men who bought sex. I mean, crime is committed, human trafficking is a reality, but none it would exist if men didn`t buy sex. It`s the knowledge one leaves with. I came out from the movie and saw the world with new eyes.
Alexander: Moodysson had two major successes in his back and could do what he wanted. He could have made an enormous amount of money on a romantic comedy. Instead he makes a movie in Russian, he used his freedom and status to say something in stead of just seeing dollarsigns, that`s huge.
Sissela: At the same time there is a discussion in EU on legalizing prostitution. Revolting. Moodyssons movie is about the consequences of this view.
Alexander: "The Pianist" is a damned good movie from this year. Isabelle Huppert is the leading acress. You are often inspired by seeing a good actor, but sometimes it`s just too much, when someone is so fucking good that you are almost discouraged and feel that you will never be able to do something like that, and she was that good.
Sissela: "Club zebra" by Ulf Lundell is the record of the year. He is a comfort in life. I have lived my life with Lundell and I am so happy that I can keep doing that.
Micke: I read "Mannen utan öde" by Nobel prize winner Imre Kertész. Damned good.
Sissela: I want to recommend the book "Balzac och den kinesiska lilla skrädderskan" by Dai Sijie. A delightful book written in a beautiful language about students`life during the cultural revolution. At the same time interesting, terrible, disgusting, fun and elegant. I just heard that it is going to be a movie.
Micke: I think that "Dreamland" by Robert Plant is record of the year. He was in Stockholm November 8 but I was acting and also had my birthday so I couldn`t go. He played "Moby Dick" in the end, I had done anything to see that.

...about own successes:
Alexander: "Hundtricket" and "Grabben i graven bredvid" were filmed at the same time in Luleå. Micke and I stayed at the same hotel.
Micke: It would be presumptuous to say that I expected a success. But there was an incredibly good atmosphere between camera and directing during filming and after some time you started to hear stuff, people had seen cuts and so and said it looked good. You can have a presentiment.
Lena: It is really hard to know in advance what will work and what not. I was not so nercous before the premiere of my show, but I was terrified afterwards, it builds so much on self irony, that I make fun of myself: Lena and her sewing mashine, Lena and her dialect. What if it had stunk, that you do a show about yourself and people just sit an yawn.
Sissela: I have seen Lenas show and it was very good. It was very much Lena and very funny.
Micke: You were damned good in "Hundtricket", Alexander. What an annoying guy you played. It was fun to watch. You offered yourself.
Alexander: I was afraid the audience would think that he was too much, but hope that they would see that he also had an emotional side. It could easily be that you stare at him the first 15 minutes and then you can`t take it anymore. It was an important role for me, a bit different, I always ply the shy, misunderstood guy and that is actually the most boring character.

...about trash tv-flood of docusoaps:
Micke: "The Farm" is so incredibly bad. Really bad entertainment. People just sit there and argue. I don`t understand it. Was does it stand for? It makes me sick. Anna Nicole too.
Lena: Isn`t it just tragic?
Micke: She seems mentally handicapped and loaded.
Alexander: Yes, loaded, and then she walks around and talks about dicks and decorates her bedroom in pink afterwards. Those who make these programs need more and more degradation all the time. Then people say at work: Did you see Anna Nicole? In the beginning "Robinson" was enough.
Lena: Yes, it was a super shock when it came. Bullying-tv. I felt it myself like: Yuck, how awful.
Alexander: Now it`s Sunday school.
Sissela: Robinson feel like quality today. It`s the only docusoap I can watch. This development with docusoaps means that jobs disappear for us actors.
Lena: It`s the same in my job. There are no more programs left to sing in.
Micke: I think the opportunities of finding different compositions wild fade. I heard of a dokusoap that was stopped, where they were going to film someone with a death sentence. What are you going to ask him: Yes, and how do you feel now then?
Sissela: Yes, really: So so. It feels so so. I have a little cold, but it might go over, noe, it doesn`t, it won`t be over till I`m executed.
Alexander: USA is as usual two years ahead of us. They have some docusoap with 20 ugly people, the winner gets a plastic surgery. There is also one with 20 fat people, the one who loses most weight wins. Yes, and take "Bachelor", 20 girls fighting over the same bachelor that they don`t even know.
Micke: It`s totally sick.
Alexander: The level is heightened all the time and that`s why the viewers are watching. I wonder how far it`s going to og before people say: This is too much.

...about 2003
Sissela: I am a police officer in Josef Fares new movie "Kopps" which is premiering in February. After that I`ll act in a newly written play by Margareta Garpe called "Limbo". It`s about women on treatment centers. I play a psychotherapist.
Lena: I am taking my bar show on tour around the country, 16 shows all in all with premiere in Malmö February 20.
Micke: I start rehearsing Antigone on Dramaten in January. After that there is the Norén-movie that I have been working on for ages. We called it "Detaljer" till now, but I think it will be "Lost and found" at the cinema. Rebecka Hemse, Pernilla August and Jonas Karlsson have the other parts. Ulf Malmros is a pal of mine, I acted in his movie "Smala Sussie" and play a bery aggressive and wild person.
Alexander: The only thing I know is that I am going to continue in "Vem är rädd för Virginia Woolf?" on Södra teatern.